Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding SydneyWho wants an ugly stump in their backyard that you will be forever tripping over and that may attract all sorts of insects and fungi?

When AMS removes a tree we will recommend stump grinding it usually only adds a small amount to the quote. And in most cases the stump will be done while the crew is cleaning up or blocking the firewood.

This part of the job is the final stage where we use a machine to grind the stump into dust. We use either a small machine that fits through a standard doorway all we need is 750mm or a larger machine that needs a 900mm opening. Stump Grinders do not like anything that is not tree or dirt. People like to bury stuff we have found all sorts of metals rocks bricks asbestos water pipes electrical cables etc. Before commencing a grind we ask a lot of questions about the area we will be working in.

You will also need to specify grinding depth as grinding of the stump does not mean removal of the whole stump.