Tree Pruning

Pruning All AreasWhen people ask us to prune their trees it can be to achieve many different outcomes. Some require more light another may not want that one annoying limb rubbing against the upstairs window. We may raise the crown or take some weight off some of the limbs. Most of the time we are taking limbs off that are over rooves or neighbours properties over pools etc. Again because we are over structures and property the limb is lowered down using ropes and pulleys. Unlike a removal where if a limb is in your way you can just cut it off when pruning you may have to climb over it or reposition your rope. In very large trees the climber may have to climb up and down the tree several times so he can reach the outer extremities of the tree on all sides.

Tree Pruning for us is sometimes more satisfying as when we leave there is still a tree there not just a giant hole and more importantly we may get the opportunity to come back in the years to come.