Tree Removal

Tree Removal Experience

The list of reasons for tree removal is endless. The main reason would have to be tree is too big for the space. This is mostly the case for a lot of the removals that we do in the Inner City and Inner West of Sydney. Trees that were planted many years ago have done major damage to houses fences walls etc and are continuing to compromise structures that are now worth up to millions of dollars. A client in Belmore didn’t think much of the 25 Metre Norfolk Island Pine about 3 metres away from his back door which got harder and harder to close so he just kept on lifting it up to slide it closed. This went on for a couple of years until one day it wouldn’t close at all he then decided to get a builder out to see if he could fix it . Long story short $2800 for us to remove tree including 5 hours spent grinding out as much of the stump as possible. He had building quotes averaging over $100,000 to repair the damage as the concrete slab was cracked up and the house had moved. If the tree had of been removed maybe 20 years ago he may not have had a problem.

Before we commence a removal we must plan and visualise how the tree will come down. Felling a tree can sometimes be the safest way however in an urban setting this is usually not an option. Nine out of 10 removals involve the use of a EWP (Elevated Work Platform) or a Tree Climber. Using either of these methods allows us to take the tree down safely in sections.

Each job is assessed for hazards:

  • Above Ground -powerlines rooves TV antennas etc
  • Ground Level- taps retaining walls pavers concrete etc
  • Below Ground- water pipes sewerage electrical etc

When you are removing a 30 metre gum in a small backyard the slightest miscalculation or “she’ll be right mate” can have dire consequences for not only property but people also.

Our main focus at AMS Trees is the protection of our workers of your property and most importantly my insurance policy.